Monday, January 31, 2011


And I thought last week was hard to do my "happy" post.  HA!  This is WAY harder.  Why?  Well, because we are in the middle of an ice storm.  I'm super paranoid about losing power.  Oh, and U of L just lost to Georgetown by THREE points.  AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!  Alas, I'm gonna sit here and come up with five things that make me happy at this VERY moment.  I am.  Really.  Just wait......

1.  Ummmm........I actually STAYED on my diet today.  That makes me very happy....considering the fact I was going to have to wear track suits every day for the rest of my life.  It seems my exercise clothes and a couple pairs of pants are the only thing I can successfully "rock" right now.  Not for long, my friends.  Not for long.  I'm back on the wagon!!!

2.  Ho hum.....this is really hard, I'm telling you!  I'm happy that right now, at this very moment, I can NOT smell vomit.  It could be because I just ate a frozen meal and that kinda made the house smell like food.  But hey, it sure beats smelling like puke!  Right? :)

3.  Speaking of all things disgusting.....I'm actually HAPPY to report Lola and Blake are FINALLY feeling better!  Hip hip hooray!

4.  I'm happy that I can hear the salt trucks passing by my house.  Although I'm pretty sure that NO amount of salt can take on the ice.  Ice-1 Salt-0.  Sooooo....I'm stranded in my house now.  Because unless I figure out how to strap ice skates to the car, or I get my own pair of skates, I'm too scared to leave!  But thank you, salt trucks for at least ATTEMPTING to clear the roads!  Oh, and I might need to borrow one of those trucks to leave my house at some point.....

5.  Now that I realized how many things I'm thankful for, this is easy!  I'm happy that my satellite dish (for the moment) still works and isn't frozen solid.  Because if I miss this basketball game (Texas/Texas A&M) or The Bachelor (on my DVR), my life will be ruined.  I think.......

Stay happy, peeps! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Blake is sick.  I received a call from the school on Thursday.  Actually, I didn't receive the call for about 20 minutes.  OOPS!  I think the nurse (who wasn't very nice) was kinda mad at me.  Sorry, lady.  I totally fell asleep.  And I was in the library earlier and had my phone on silent.  In the future, I will always (most of the time) remember to change the phone back over to normal.  Anyway, the nurse wanted to tell me Blake had a fever of 103 (and yes, feel free to sing the song, "Hot Blooded.").

When I finally bolted up to see I missed several calls from the school, I sped over to pick up my sickie.  And we've been sick ever since.  We?  Do I have a mouse in my pocket?  No.  I mean Blake passed evil germs to Lola.  And Lola and Blake passed said evil germs to me.  Thanks for sharing!

Blake's had a fever off and on since Thursday.  Tonight he told me he has a sore throat.  Dr. Sarah (that's me) checked his throat.  Revelation?  Tiny red spots on the roof of his mouth?  Diagnosis (according to Dr. Sarah)?  STREP THROAT.  Ugh.  I guess we'll be visiting the real doctor on Monday.  Since I can't prescribe medicine of any kind.

Lola decided she wanted to participate in the sick game.  In fact, I kinda think she won.  She projectile vomited last night (about 4 times consecutively) ALL over my couch and area rug.  AND MY FAVORITE BLANKIE (GASP)!!!!  It was the closest I've come to tossing my own cookies after cleaning up that mess.  Thank heavens I have a stomach of steel.  I cleaned her up and we cuddled.  Then about an hour later, she decided she should go ahead and vomit about three more times.  Soooo.....she has been okay today except for a low-grade fever off and on.

Me?  I'm just suffering from exhaustion.  And a headache.  And Blake's cough.  And some nausea (could be from the vomit smell I haven't quite cleared out of the house)......My warning to all?  STAY AWAY!   I think I need a skull and crossbones warning sign on my front door.  For reals.  I hope everyone else is staying healthy out there!!

Blake just sat around all weekend....reading, snuggling in the blanket, and blowing his nose....

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay first of all....don't judge me!  My kids seem to be watching a lot of cartoons lately.  Yeah, I know.  I'm a bad mom.  But I'm pretty much worn out at the end of the week (and the beginning....and the middle....if I'm being honest).  It's not like I use the TV as a "babysitter" because I'm watching, too!  ;)  Seriously, though, some of these cartoon characters are nuts.  And I'd rather be stabbing a fork into my eyeball (GROSS) than watching half of them.  Case in point?????  Well, let me sum it up for you:

1.  Caillou.  That should be all I have to say.  He's the most annoying kid on the planet.  In fact, I had to ban Blake from watching him back in the day when he started to develop an attitude.  Unfortunately, Lola is following her brother's footsteps and also enjoys (UGH) watching the "sass master," Caillou.

2.  Max and Ruby.  They live alone?  Enough said.  Oh and Max is a BIG time brat.  I thought Caillou was bad (and he is...).  Pshaw!

3.  Clifford.  I do give them props for actually NOT making the dogs talk.  Because that is just down right unbelievable!  But Clifford is REALLY big.  And REALLY red.  I mean it's kinda ridiculous.

4.  Kipper.  Kipper is really pretty cool because he has an English accent.  But the show often has weird things on aliens and ghosts.  Ghosts?  Yeah, ghosts.  Granted, it was a friendly ghost (probably related to Casper) but still....

5.  Elmo.  I love the red furry friend as much as the rest of you.  In fact, when I HAVE to be subjected to these cartoons, Elmo is my first choice.  But Mr. Noodle.......he has got to go.  I just don't get why Elmo asks him questions when he is too much of a loon to answer them.  Those annoying kid voices have to tell him 82 times what to do before he is of any help at all.  Seriously.

6.  Curious George is another cartoon I actually like.  But I'm kinda sick of the man in the yellow hat.  Because his name should be, "the man in the yellow hat and yellow outfit that he never, ever, ever, EVER changes."

7.  And finally, there is Maisy.  The most ridiculous cartoon EVER made.  Yes, I am giving it that award.  And because of HOW ridiculous it is, I can't help but laugh.  The characters, instead of talking, make the craziest sounds I've ever heard.  And there is another character (Maisy) who lives all alone.  She seems WAY too young to live in a house by herself in the middle of nowhere.  Just sayin'........

----Side  note----Charlie and Lola (where we got the idea to name our Lola) is actually a wonderful cartoon.  I love the English accents.  And the characters.  Too bad I can't get Lola to watch it.  Blarg.  Maybe someday soon......Until then, I'm stuck with all the annoying cartoon crazies that my kids choose to watch.  I should really consider banning them from TV.  But then what would I do?!?!?  ;)

And I have to include this photo of Lola and Blake watching Elmo yesterday.  I will also let on that I'm mainly including this picture so Billy can complain about the "poor quality" of my phone photos.  Tee hee hee!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Negative Nancy

So is it bad to follow my "happy" post with one like this?  Probably.  I'm trying SUPER hard not to focus on all the negative things in my life.  But apparently, it isn't working.  Things.  Are.  Falling.  Apart.

What is bringing me down, you ask?  Well, life in general, I suppose!  First of all, I'm getting BEYOND frustrated with the stupid diet I'm on.  I have all these "goals"  and "target weights" and all kinds of nonsense.  And since I've been having a lot of stressful things "pop up," I haven't been nearly as strict on my diet as I should be.  So I'm mad that when I could at least be losing weight and making myself happy, I'm not even successful at that (for the moment).

Next, I'm irritated by the fact that we got a letter from the IRS saying we owe a pretty large amount of money from our 2009 taxes.  Might I add that it was an error made by Billy's former employer.  Not us.  We did everything right and have no clue what is going on.  What I do know?  I'm blingin' mad.

I'm also frustrated with my thyroid condition.  I've been on medication for an underactive thyroid since I was 18.  Since I've had Lola, the medication is messed up about every 3 months.  Why is that so annoying?  Mainly because I never have health insurance and I have to pay 55 bucks a pop every couple of months to have my arm stuck a hundred times by a needle.  Ugh.  Well I need my blood taken again.  Only I realized last night that the credit card I use to pay for the blood work is GONE.  So sum it up:  I need my blood taken but can't get it taken because I LOST MY CREDIT CARD! ARRRGHHH!!!!

And if that's not enough......Billy isn't coming home until February (which isn't that far away but saying it like that makes it sound worse).  Oh, and Blake's sick.  Apparently they have the plague going on at his school.  Okay maybe not the plague.  Now I'm just being dramatic.  But it is pretty bad.  Body aches, cough, fever.  Oh my.  So far, he is only showing a few signs of some of those things!  I'll let you know if it gets worse!!!

Okay I'm done.  Sorry for being such a Debbie downer.  Again, I know things in my life could be MUCH, MUCH worse.  And I know people out there are experiencing things that I can't even fathom!  This post is mainly just for me to vent!  And sometimes I laugh at myself for being such a dork.  So far I'm not laughing.  But maybe when I read this in like a week or a month or a year....I just might chuckle.  Maybe.

The other day, Lola found her sunglasses. She thought it was hilarious and Blake really wanted me to take a picture.  So when I find myself in the depths of despair, I can just look at this photo and it will make everything right again! 

Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm finding it a tad more difficult to write this post today.  It hasn't been the best day ever.  Not even close.  Blah.  Alas, I have much to be thankful for and for that, I'm always happy! :)  So at this EXACT moment, the five things I'm grateful for are:

1.  My favorite blankie.  I've had it since I left for college and I love it.  Like A LOT!

2.  Dr. House.  Yeah, the Dr. House on TV.  I love that my kids are in bed and House is on the DVR.  That makes me happy.

3.  The new college rankings that show that U of L (though losing a TERRIBLE game last week to Providence) is still ranked!  WOO HOO!

4.  The anticipation of going to Utah for a mini vacation in less than three weeks!  I'm super excited but SUPER nervous to leave the kidlets without both of their parents for a few days.

5.  Knowing that I get to go to bed in a few hours.  That, my friends, makes me happy. Yeah, I could technically go to bed now if I wanted to.  But I need some alone time for a few hours a day! :)

I hope, as I always do, that you are all happy.....even if it is just a small something that makes you smile! :)

Me in my blankie, holding my Diet Coke.  Mmmmm.......

Friday, January 21, 2011


My dear friend from high school, Lara gave me an honor the other day!  She acknowledged my blog in her post for the day! :)  YAY!  It made me super happy!  And in order to receive this award, I'm supposed to tell you guys seven things about me.  For those of you who have been following my blog since it was born (almost a year ago), you probably think you know all there is to know about me!  And maybe you do.  I will try not to mention all the same 7 things I did way back when I was introducing myself to the world of blog.

1.  My motto used to be, "I can't eat it unless it's crunchy."  And I still agree with it though it is no longer my "motto."  If my burrito doesn't have lettuce in it; I won't eat it.  If my sandwich doesn't have lettuce on it; take it away.  And so on....

2.  Without sports, my life would totally be incomplete.  It's true.  And just to make sure EVERYONE on earth knows my favorite teams in every sport, I will put it out there again!  My favorite soccer team is Chelsea.  I also cheer for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.  My favorite baseball team is the Yankees.  My favorite NBA team is the Pacers.  My favorite college soccer, basketball, and football teams of course come from U of L (GO CARDS).  And my favorite NFL team is the Bengals (laugh, if you of these years, they will be good)!

3.  I lived in Oklahoma twice.  Once in Enid when I was a child and my dad was stationed there (Air Force).  Then I moved to Lawton when Layne joined the Army.  Yeah, I think it's weird that I lived in Oklahoma, too.  I didn't love it.  Sorry, Okies.  My favorite part about living there was how close I was to Texas! 

4.  I love having painted nails and toenails but I'm usually too lazy to do either in the winter!  I told you....I'm trying to come up with 7 things I haven't told you before!  If you're bored....I'm sorry!  My life is kinda (really) lame!

5.  I clean up Lola's blocks about 67 times per day.  It's fun.  You should try it.

6.  I love arcades.  I especially love Gattiland in Louisville.  I pretend like I'm "taking one for the team" when Blake "forces" us to go there.  But secretly, I'm in heaven.  Who doesn't like playing ridiculous games for tickets to redeem ridiculous prizes?  And the pizza buffet there also makes me really happy!

7.  I'm still a Virgo.  Yeah.  That whole astrology thing and earth shifting thing makes no sense to me (can you tell???).  All I know is I'm still a Virgo.  And if the new chart told me I wasn't, I wouldn't listen.  Cuz that's how I roll!

There ya go!  Seven things about me.  So now I have accepted my award.  And I like it!  I'm also supposed to suggest 10 blogs I love.  I tried but I CAN'T do that though because I would hurt feelings left and right!  What I can do is direct your attention to the left of this post.  There you will find my blog list.  I read ALL those blogs on a regular basis and they ALL rock my socks!  I will totally encourage everyone to check out Lara's blog.  She is new to the blogging community and she has AWESOME posts!  She's a super talented artist and sometimes she has photos of her work!  Her Etsy store is also amazing!

Thank you, Lara, for making my day! :)  Spread the love, blogger peeps! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm SOOOOO very beyond annoyed with getting shocked 852 times a day.  Seriously.  The static electricity in this house is enough to power a whole country (I'm pretty sure).  This is just one of the many reasons why I dislike the winter.  I have to walk around turning on lights with my elbow (because the shock on my elbow through my clothes isn't QUITE as painful)!  I have to walk around with cold toes because if I wear my socks or slippers, it increases the shocking incidents by about ten times.  And.......I'm tired of it!

Reasons why I'll be happy when it FINALLY starts to warm up outside:

1.  I won't have to pay a million dollars (roughly) on my Vectren gas heating bill.  I keep my house temp set at 68 but the bill is still extremely high.  I'm thinking of setting the heat even lower but I think the hospital bill for hypothermia might be just as costly!!!

2.  I won't have to shovel snow.  I don't like it.  Like AT all.  In fact, I don't love snow.  I'm about ready to pack up and move to Hawaii.  Seriously.  Except I can't afford it.  And with just complaining about my high heating bill and all, it wouldn't make much sense!!

3.  I can resume my daily walks OUTSIDE.  Of course I love exercising with my Kinect, but I really miss my walks (and my banana peel decomposition observations)!

4.  I won't get shocked.

5.  I won't get shocked.

6.  I won't get shocked.

7.  Oh, wait did I already mention I WON'T GET SHOCKED?!?!?  That should probably be the number one reason I will gladly bid adieu to this lousy weather!

Check out Lola's static electricity!  It's crazy!  I bet she got good and shocked when she touched something! ;)

Hope your lives aren't as "shocking" as ours have been lately! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


I've decided to make this a weekly post because it helps me appreciate the small things in life!  So as long as there are five things around that make me happy (which better be forever), you are gonna hear about them!  :)

1.  My 100 calorie soup.  After not eating much all day and feeling kinda icky, this soup sure hits the spot!  Yeah, I'm eating it now and pecking at the computer keys one-handed because I'm cool!

2.  This photo: 

I found this picture on my camera and it made me smile!  I told Lola I was taking her picture and that is what she did!  Crazy girl!

3.  My dear friend, Jenny, who went through and left a comment on ALL of my posts last week!  I needed that and it's still making me smile today!  May more of you follow in her footsteps (ha ha ha...just kidding.....kind-of)!

4.  My newly remodeled blog layout and new tunes!  I know some of you hate music on blogs.  But I dig it so if you're visiting my site and you don't like tunes while you read, turn off the speakers!  Anyway, I'm super happy with my new layout.  As I should be.  It took about a million hours (approximately) of strenuous labor.

5.  Ummm.....NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!  Yeah, that's right.  I'm totally going to the concert in Louisville on July 20th.  And I know the Backstreet Boys will also be there.  Buuuuuut, I was never really a fan.  However, NKOTB totally bring me back to my childhood and some of the best memories ever.  So my sisters and I are going to ROCK out to some serious old school tuneage and will totally be "hangin' tough."  Cuz that's how I roll.......

Happy Monday!!!  Feel free to leave one or two things that make you happy at THIS moment!  Or don't.  But really, you should.  We all like comments!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dude, Where's My.....TRASH CAN?!?

Yes, you read that right.  My trash can.  So in these parts, garbage day is on Tuesday.  And I usually bring my can back up the driveway Tuesday evening.  Well, after all the snow we had, I didn't feel like schlepping the can back up on Tuesday.  Apparently I should have.  I went out to get it today and it was GONE!  So now I have four plastic bags of dirty diapers hanging out in my garage because I'm not sure what to do?!?  Who takes a trash can?  I mean, if it happened by accident, wouldn't they know they had TWO cans in their garage?  Hmmm.....

Well, I've had a bit of a bad week (to put it mildly).  I've been stuck in the house since Sunday (which is, apparently, enough to make me go crazy).  I don't own a shovel and haven't been able to get out.  Billy is of course....gone.  Blake is gone.  And Lola and Luca are collaborating on how to make me go insane!  Mission has been accomplished.  The garbage can?  That was the last straw.  You know.....the straw that broke the camel's my back!  That's pretty much all it took to push me over the edge.  I realized that as I sat on my couch crying because I no longer had a trash receptacle.

So what did I do?  I decided to break free!  I went to run a few errands.  And when I went out to the car, I saw something that made me happy!  I applied this decal on Sunday but as you know, I haven't left the house since.  I kinda forgot I had it.  And even though it made me think of the U of L loss last night (BOOOOO), it still made me smile!

And besides it being totally cool, it made me laugh because it SOOOO isn't even my family!  I mean yeah, there is a character for Billy, Blake, Lola, Luca, and I.  But there is also a random baby and a cat.  No, I'm not pregnant.  And no, I'm not getting a cat.  Other irony?  I've always laughed at the thought of putting a stick people family on my car.  Until I found this one.  You know me.....if it has to do with the Louisville Cardinals, I want it! :)

I got myself out of my funk today (for the moment).  But I'm still minus one big blue trash can.  So whoever you are (and I'm pretty sure you're not reading this....), bring it back! 

Monday, January 10, 2011


Things that make me happy:

1.  My children and my Billy (I have to say that first because I feel like people will judge me.....when really, at THIS moment, Diet Coke makes me the happiest).

2.  Diet Coke (seriously....don't judge me)!

3.  Football (and the Oregon uniforms....could their helmets BE any cooler?  Answer:  no.  No they cannot).

4.  Comfortable pants.  They're probably not as comfortable as pajamajeans (which I noticed have taken off in popularity WAY after I talked about them on my blog)!  But anyway, my pants are comfortable and I haven't left the house all day.  How's that for lazy?

5.  My U of L slippers (even though Lola barfed on them several months ago).  I cleaned them but refused to wear them because the thought totally grossed me out.  Then one day, I was in a pinch and needed something on my feet to run outside.  Barf slippers it was.  And I've been wearing them again ever since! :)

Hope you guys have at LEAST five things that are making you happy RIGHT NOW! :)

Because every blog is better with a're welcome! :)
My sister took this photo over the holidays and I LOVE it!  Blake is currently on vacation with his dad and I'm sooooooo missing him!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Five on the Five!

I have another hour left on the 5th of January.  So I'm going to do a "five on the five" for ya!  I know you're you should be!

It is the new year.  2011.  WOW!  I thought by now we would be racing hovercrafts in the sky and wearing blue space suits or something.  We're not the Jetsons just yet, I guess!  *I never watched the Jetsons just so you know....I've only heard about them.*

Anyway, here are FIVE things that are on my mind.  One of them should be getting to my point a lot faster.  I talk (type) too much, huh?  Sorry!  Oh (yeah, I'm still not done) and these are not "resolutions" per se.  I don't like to feel too badly if (when) I fail!

1.  I want to finish the book I've been trying to write for several years now.  And I want to print the two books I HAVE finished.  Maybe I'll blurb them this year!?!

2.  I want to sell this stinkin' house and actually LIVE with my husband.  I know I'm being a big baby about it but GEEZ.....this is LAME!!!  We are starting our 6 month of living apart and 6 months is WAY TOO LONG!

3.  I am so blessed.  Seriously.  After I just complained in number 2.....I realized (and only just now...ha) that I shouldn't be such a wuss.  I need to pony up and realize that things really could be a lot worse.  I have a house.  My husband has a job.  I have a car that works.  My family pretty much rocks!  My kidlets are the GREATEST things in the whole wide world.  And guess what?  They're MINE!!!!  I want to be nicer to them every single day!  And I want to make the best memories EVER this year!  And guess what?  I CAN!!!!!   You should, too! :)

4.  I'm going to rock myself back down to skinny town!  I know I'm crazy.  My goal here should be to stop being so dang psycho about weight issues.  But that's a whole new ball of crazy and we don't want to bounce that right now! ;)  So instead I'm going to Dance Central myself down a couple sizes!  WOO HOO!  Thank you, Santa  Billy, for bringing me such an awesome present!

5.  I want to blog EVEN more!  How could I do that, you might be asking?  I don't know.  Because I already blog like A LOT.  Maybe my goal should be to motivate my readers to leave comments?!?  I only feel cool when I have some comments.  So be blaming yourself for my not "coolness" if you are reading this and NOT leaving comments!  ;)  That's all!

And because this is my first blog of the year, I have to leave you with a photo from today!  Blake and Lola were snuggling on the couch.  Of course they both moved when I took the pic.  But it's still pretty darn cute! 

*Side note* And of course I didn't mention the fact that I will be obsessively watching U of L sports (as usual) and getting hyped up about the Super Bowl.  I'm predicting a win for New England (whos isn't)!  For the record....I can't stand the Patriots (and Tom Brady's hair).  But hey, talent is talent and I think they will win!  Enough predictions for me.  I'm not Nostradamus, afterall!  Happy 2011!