Monday, February 28, 2011


I think I should have written this post earlier.  Things were a wee bit better before I (just) had to clean up dog poo from all over the stairs.  Which delayed putting the kids to bed.  And it was just nasty.  Now I'm sitting here listening to Lola scream her brains out (which she usually doesn't do).  I need to get away!!!!!!

With all that being said, I have to point out some positives, right?!?  I'm sure I can find something........

1.  I'm happy that I finally beat Angry Birds.  So after three weeks of including it in my top 5 happy things, I think I can finally quit talking about it!  Maybe!

2.  I'm happy that it's NOT storming like it was last night.  I had Lola taking up half my bed (I guess it's a good thing Billy wasn't here)!  And Blake camped out on my floor (next to the dog).  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tonight will be better!

3.  I'm not watching Diego.  That makes me happy!  Lola is smitten with him and I'm pretty sure she's claimed him as her boyfriend.  So make sure you tell all your girlies!  Diego is TAKEN!!!

4.  I just signed Blake up for his first summer day camp.  I guess that means the weather has to warm up eventually, right?  And then we'll all be complaining about how hot it is!!! :)  Ahhhhh,'s such a vicious cycle!

5.  My glass block.  Everyone knows how much I love this thing!  I just plugged it in and realized that even though Lola is STILL crying (will she ever stop?!?!?!?!?), everything will be okay....eventually!!!!

I know it's a bad picture.  But this is my prized possession!  I change the ribbon for every holiday!  It TRULY makes me happy!

I hope you all have a very blessed and hap, hap, HAPPY week! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

All About Blake

Blake is awesome!  That pretty much sums him up!  The older the gets, the better he behaves.  Isn't that somethin'!  Hopefully Lola will take a page out of his book!  I'm so proud of what a great kid he is!  Okay, I'll wrap up the bragging!  I didn't have as many photos of Blake because I already posted his pictures in the snow!  And he isn't around here makin' being crazy a game (like his sister).  Alas, I had enough to write this post!

I can't believe I'm putting this first photo on here.  The house was a disaster that day (as it always is on the weekends).  Blake spends most of his free time playing basketball with the small hoop over the coat closet door.  Yeah.  He is a rising star!  Actually, he is pretty good!  And he was sporting his Louisville jersey and shorts!  GO CARDS (and GO BLAKE)!  Seriously....don't judge my messy house.....

Even though it's cold outside, Blake is still playing soccer!  They practice indoor during the winter!

Blake is currently obsessed with castles.  Which I think is pretty cool.  He read a book from school with a bunch of pictures of castles.  Then....when he was supposed to be sleeping, he came down the stairs with this!  I love it!  So now it has a place on the refrigerator (even though I hate clutter on the fridge)....

He's also been spending a lot of time riding his skateboard!  It is probably the best birthday present he received (thank you, Ethan)!  And yeah, it's been pretty cold.  But he bundles up and goes outside anyway.  And don't mind all the clutter you can see on the fridge...after I just said I don't like clutter on my fridge!  Really, I don't.  I don't know how it gets like that! ;)

And on days when he doesn't have school (like today), he plays a few video games.  And wears summer clothes.  I guess if he wears shorts, he thinks summer will get here soon?!?  Who knows.  But I'm cold just looking at him!
That's my Blake!  He wins the award for best son ever!  I can say that because I'm the one who voted and it's my vote that counts! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All About Lola

As you all know.....Lola is quite the handful!  She has been into some serious mischief.  It's true.  But as often as I complain about her crazy antics, I should also acknowledge how sweet she is!  Because she is mostly sweet (like sugar;)!  She may be a terror but she is my little terror! And I love her face!  Here are a few photos of what Lola's been up to lately!

A few weeks ago when it snowed, Lola REALLY wanted to go outside.  As I have said before, I don't dig snow.  Period.  So Billy bundled her up and took her out to play for a brief moment.  A tantrum may or may NOT have happened.....(okay, it did happen) when she had to come back inside.  It was kinda worth it, though.  She looked so cute and she had so much fun (I think.....I wasn't out there)!

Don't ask me why she smiles like this!  Guess she takes after her father! ;)  Either way, I'm including this photo because I think she's pretty stinkin' cute!

When Billy is home, Lola forgets that I exist.  I used to enjoy the break.  But now it's just getting old.  I take care of her by myself ALL week long and then she just totally gives me the shaft when her dad comes home.  So.  Not.  Cool.

And why wouldn't she be?  Blake got this leprechaun hat at Target and Lola decided to wear it all day.  Mind you, she couldn't see anything.  But it was quite entertaining for the rest of us!

She is also obsessed with the wild wild West.  She thought it would be cool to flip the basketball goal over and turn it into her horse.  So she did it.  And we laughed.  And took photos.

So that is Lola!  She comes up with some crazy things.  And we definitely don't need a TV (except for the fact that we all LOVE TV way too much) because this gal is all the entertainment we could ask for!

Stay tuned for a post all about Blake........

Monday, February 21, 2011


It's that time of week again.  Yup.  It's time for me to share all things HAPPY!  Did I mention this is getting harder and harder each week?  Okay.  Just making sure you know. :)  And on a side note, I will mention that at this moment, I'm IRRITATED!  My DVR messed up and House didn't record.  Well, I will have half of it.  But still......I'm going to take a moment until I return to happiness and I will finish this then!

Okay.  I've taken several deep breaths and I'm ready to continue (I think....)!  What makes me happy?  I'm ready to share!

1.  My house is kinda clean.  That makes me happy right now because earlier today, it looked like a tornado (aka LOLA) had been through here!

2.  I'm alive.  And believe me, that is something to be happy about!  I've been having crazy health issues lately.  To spare all details and what-not....I basically felt/feel like I've had a heart attack.  So imagine all symptoms related to that.  And I'm pretty sure it's not a panic attack again.  But who knows.  I would be even happier if I had health insurance!  As it stands, Billy is instructed to just "let me die" because it would be cheaper! ;)

3.  Ellen.  As in Ellen DeGeneres.  Because of the DVR fiasco, I decided to watch my taped episode of Ellen.  And she always makes me laugh! :)

4.  Angry Birds.  I should also mention that this game frustrates me, stresses me out, AND makes me angry.  But the thrill of it all makes me happy.  So I have to include it.  It occupies most of my time these days!

5.  My awesome neighbor (and dear friend) who is letting me use her treadmill!  I'm finally vowing to get back in shape.  Unless my heart issue keeps occurring.  Then I will need to return to laziness until something is figured out!

Remember what makes you happy and enjoy the rest of your week, my friends! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My blog turned ONE today!  So please join with me in singing.....happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear BLOG!  Happy birthday to you!  Thank you.  My blog is much obliged!  So I seriously can't believe my blog was born one year ago (so is this a birthday or an anniversary?  I guess it's a birthday....)!  It seems like I've been blogging my whole life!  Ha!  Okay, I'll be serious now.  I LOVE my blog!  I have learned a lot and I've had a lot of fun!

Here are some things I've discovered over the course of the year:

1.  People like to read blogs but a lot of times they don't comment.  Shame, shame, shame (I know your name)!  I'm a wee bit disappointed in the decrease in comments on my blog.  It gives me a slight complex! ;)  But as long as people are reading, I guess I'll let it slide!

2.  I still don't understand what it means to "follow" a blog.  I'm glad I have followers and I TOTALLY follow other blogs.  However, I wish it meant something.  Like that I would get a notification of when a new blog is posted or something like that.  Or maybe that happens and I'm too daft to figure it out!

3.  My blog view count is over 12,000!!!  The goal I set for my first year was 10,000.  So I topped that by a bit!  And don't laugh at me if your blog receives WAY more views than mine.  Because right now, I'm thinking over 12 thousand is pretty darn good! :)

4.  I love reading other blogs!  That's my favorite part about all of this......BLOG STALKING!  Look out.  YOU might be next!

5.  And that is all.  I was encouraged to start a blog for a REALLY long time.  I'm glad I finally started it.  Because then I got to make one of these:

Yay for Blurb.  But I should add a number 6.  And I should tell you that making the blurb book was a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC pain in my side.  For reals.  But I love it.  And I'm glad I went through that (kinda) in the end.

Thank you all for being faithful readers!  Thank you for commenting!  Thank you for writing your own blogs!  I promise I will keep blogging to my heart's content!  And that will probably be for a LONG time! :)  You're welcome!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy (Heart's Day)!

What?  I'm alone on Valentine's Day?  Indeed, I am!  And I've been in pajamas all day!  Be jealous!  Or not...because if you can stay in your pajamas all day, it probably means you don't have much of a life.  And that is totally the case with me!  *tear*

Anyway, it is the day of my happy post so I will get down to business.  What am I happy about on this joyous holiday celebrating LOVE?!?  Well I can tell you one thing I'm downright NOT happy about and that is not being with my sweetheart.  Yeah.  Living apart is definitely getting old.  Okay, now I'm ready to talk about what does make me smile!

1.  Blake and I played Angry Birds for so long today that I'm currently waiting for the iTouch to charge back up (so I can play some more).....

2.  I'm eagerly anticipating the shows on my DVR.  But I'm actually anticipating the END of them.  I want to read the third Harry Potter book.  Yes, I'm now addicted to them.  But of course I have to clear off the DVR before I can get to reading.  I have my priorities straight, indeed!

3.  The bowl of Life cereal I'm about to eat.  And it's going to be a GIGANTIC bowl.  Why?  It's my Valentine's Day present to myself.  I.  Like.  Cereal.

4.  I just looked out the window and the ice is actually ALMOST all gone.  That makes me SUPER happy!  I'm beyond tired of this weather.

5.  All the facebook statuses today about people and their sweeties.  Okay, earlier, it mostly annoyed me.  Mainly because Billy and I didn't exchange gifts.  And also because I don't even get to see him.  So I was bitter at the beginning of the day.  Now I'm happy because I just totally didn't care about anything today.  As noted earlier, I sat around in pajamas.  If Billy was here with me, I probably (MAYBE) would have felt the need to look presentable.  So I guess that's why I'm happy now!  I realized being alone isn't that bad (it kinda is).  And I realized it's nice for everyone on facebook to profess their undying love for their significant others.  Hooray for love!

And for fun, I'm including a photo of me and Billy.  This is our "bubble lounge" at the Explorium in Lexington!  This photo was taken about 2 months after Lola was born!  Soooo.....February two years ago!  My how things have changed!!!

Happy heart's day to everyone out there!  Smile and be in love! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing MY Ground....

And I won't back down.  Yeah.  Those are the words of Tom Petty.  But I'm borrowing them because I can.  This post is about Lola.  She is a few cookies short of a dozen.  Or she has lost her marbles.  Or one of those other sayings.  Basically, she is off her rocker.

I'm a little worried because I'm still sure that age 3 is WAY worse than 2.  And if Lola is already acting like this, I don't know what's going to happen in the future.  I might need a couple therapists, a few pills, a stay in the loony bin.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I  need all of that NOW.  My point is that Lola has started throwing some serious tantrums.  YIKES.

First one?  Because of a lolly (a dum dum if you will...).  Yup.  A piece of candy made my daughter go crazy.  She wanted a lolly for breakfast.  And let's face it, on any given day, I might let her have one.  But I decided that it probably wasn't a good idea.  She threw herself on the floor and kicked and screamed (oh yeah, it was worthy of an Oscar) for about TWENTY minutes.  Lovely Blake was trying to get me to give her the lolly so she would stop.  But oh no.  I'm standing my ground.  For now.

Of course I won't go through all of her tantrums.  But last night in the tub, was pretty awesome (note sarcasm).  Mainly because when you're kicking and screaming in water, you could a.  drown or b.  get water all over the floor.  Well, I made sure she was safe.  But I couldn't keep the water from getting everywhere.  Cause of the tantrum?  She wanted more bubbles.  I laughed.  Because what else can you do?

Here are a few photos of what Lola's been up to in the last week:

Lola's tantrum in the bath!  This is only the beginning!

The things she dragged into my bathroom while I showered today.  And yeah, those are all wipes.  Somehow she got into her wipe container.  Bummer!

Sitting in her toy basket.  I apologize for the cousin ITT look.  I couldn't get her to look up!

Yeah, she put her baby in the refrigerator.  I have to admit, I was startled when I opened the door and saw a naked doll on top of the crisper.....
Ahhh....Lola.  It's a good thing you're so cute! :)  But for right now, I'm rocking out to Tom Petty (in my head).  I will stand my ground.  And I won't back down.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Front Row Joe!

I's been ages since I've posted photos from a Pacers game!  And my name isn't really Joe.  But seriously.  This was a BIG moment and has to be blogged!  First of all, it was my first game of 2011.  Second of all, it was my brother's first NBA game EVER.  Like EVER, EVER!  So last weekend, he drove up and we went to a game.

Highlights of the game:

1.  The Pacers WON!!!  I've been to several games and I was starting to think I brought them bad luck.  They never won when I was there.  Until Friday.....

2.  For Adam's first game, we got to sit ON THE COURT!!!  I know I have been lucky enough to sit court side at one other game.  But this time, we were RIGHT there.  A little left of the hoop.  Yeah.  We were that close.  THANK YOU, ALAN!!!!!!

3.  We got there early (of course....I love watching warm-ups).  The Trailblazers were warming up right in front of us.  Like seriously so close that I could have touched them (and I was tempted). Or at least had a pleasant conversation (which I also wanted to do...but figured it wasn't a good time for idle chit chat...).  I had to settle for the smile I got from Rudy Fernandez.  He showed off a little for me.  My brother agreed (after looking around and confirming that I was the only girl in the immediate area).  Yeah.  I caught the eye of a player.  And he is cute.  Like really cute.

4.  The best part of the night?  Hands down.  The kiss cam.  You know....the camera that goes around embarrassing couples and making them kiss on the big jumbo tron.  Well, I was lucky enough to sit next to my friend Nedra and her husband, Dustin.  They were on the kiss cam first.  And since the camera crew was sitting directly in front of us (no lie), Adam and I knew we were next.  AWKWARD!  So yeah, the camera moved to us.  Adam shouted, "NOOOOOO."  I laughed.  I turned red.  I tried to tell the guy we were related.  Still, the camera lingered.  The crowd booed.  Yeah.  They don't take kindly to people who don't "perform" on the kiss cam.  GROSS.  The people around us laughed after we told them we were brother and sister.  Adam explained that just because we are from Kentucky, doesn't mean we should be on the kiss cam!  Irony?!?  I've been trying for AGES to get on the kiss cam.....with Billy.  Of course the one opportunity I have, I'm with my brother.  And I look like a BIG, REALLY BIG idiot.  C'mon......

And of course I have to post a bunch of photos!  Man, I love going to basketball games.  I'm so thankful for wonderful friends who totally hook us up!  Beth and Alan, this post is dedicated to YOU! :):)

Fernandez.  Maybe I just like dudes with beards?!?  ;)

Another shot of Rudy.  See how close he was?!?

Here's looking at you, Roy!  HIB HIB HOOROY!

Tyler H.

Cute girls (Beth, Ana, Nedra....and then me)!

Tyler H (again)

After the game!

We turned around so you could see where we were sitting!!!

Mike Dunleavy

And for kicks and giggles, I took a photo of the back of this guy's head.  He prevented me from stretching my legs out.  But I wanted to show you how close we were.  This isn't zoomed. 

And of course I have a photo of us on TV.  If you look at the front row, you will see Adam in his red shirt.  I'm kind of a blur next to him (black and pink)!


Monday, February 7, 2011


I almost forgot today is my happy post!  Not that I don't have 5 things that are making me happy right now.  But because my brain stopped working LONG ago!  Without further ado, here are five things making me happy at this moment!

1.  The chocolate chip cookies sweet Amanda dropped off at my house tonight!  It was just what I needed!  THANK YOU!!!!

2.  University of Louisville is ranked higher than University of Kentucky.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

3.  Lola hasn't thrown up or gotten sick in any way in 3 days!

4.  I received the shoes for my sister, Katie's wedding today in the mail!  I love getting packages and the shoes are awesome! :)

5.  How I Met Your Mother is on my DVR and waiting for me to watch!  So I better hurry up and watch it!

Stay happy, my friends! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rock On!

Back about a week ago when I was actually able to leave my house, I had a grand time driving around listening to music.  I L-O-V-E music.  It's true.  Don't tell Billy.  He might get jealous! ;)  Anyway, on occasion, my sister (Jess) and I like to discuss the 5 greatest bands EVER.  Or should I say OUR top 5 favorite bands?  That is probably more appropriate because it would be WAY hard to name the top 5 greatest bands.  I could probably do it, though.  *wink*

My sister and I share a lot of the same tastes in music.  I pretty much agreed with how she came up with her top 5.  I could even include most of them on my list.  Except Simon and Garfunkel.  They are awesome.  I mean, who doesn't love the scandalous Mrs. Robinson?  Anyway, I DO love them.  But that's the key:  THEM.  I guess I would categorize them in the duo category not the "band" category.  Now....if they were joining someone's top 5 greatest HAIRSTYLES of all time, they would definitely land one of the top spots.  Cuz check it:

Okay, I'm getting to my list.  I'm just taking the long way to get there!  Now I poked a little fun at a genius duo.  How about a trio?  Peter, Paul, and Mary are pretty cool.  Right?  Oh wait, I don't really like them or their "magic dragon."  I apologize for getting "Puff" stuck in your head.  Seriously.  It's the last thing I want going around in my noggin!!!

Oh fine, I will list (in NO particular order) my top 5 favorite BANDS!  Don't judge me.  Or laugh at me.  Or anything like that.  Because that's just mean.

1.  311
2.  U2 or Journey.  Since it's the number 2 spot on the list, I feel two bands can easily be listed, right?
3.  Jimmy Eat World
4. Lady Peace hmmm.....number 4 is up for grabs?!?  I clearly can't have them all, right?  Or then it wouldn't be a top 5.  I'll decide later....
5.  My Morning Jacket

Feel free to tell me your 5 favorite bands. I'm always looking for new (or old....I'm not an ageist) artists to listen to! :)  And remember...these are BANDS not duos or trios.  Or solo artists (GASP).  Definitely not solo artists!  Not that I don't like them, that's just not what I'm talkin' 'bout in this particular post! :)

Blog (or ROCK) on, my friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Got The POWER!

Oh yeah, I do!  My electricity is WORKING!  I mean, sure I may have been up at 2:30 AM never returning to a blissful slumber.  Instead I was enjoying a one-sided conversation with the evil wind that was keeping me up ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG.  But the most important thing?  The power is still on.....for now!

I will go ahead and apologize in advance if this post doesn't make sense.  I have slept a total of about 6 hours over the last couple days!  I've been so worried about losing power and taking care of these kiddos by myself that I haven't been able to rest.  Blah.  I also don't dig being trapped in the house.  Not at all.  Sometimes it's nice to just laze around so I guess there are some good things to come of it.  What are they?

1.  I won't spend any money on, say, groceries or fountain drinks.......oh how I wish I had a fountain drink.

2.  I will save A LOT of money on gas since I haven't left the house in several days.  And by the looks of the outside, I won't be leaving for many more to come (not even to check the mail...).  Yay for saving money!  Boo for being trapped!

And that's about it, folks.  Those are the only good things I can come up with.  Mostly I'm just frustrated with the fact that Blake and Lola seem to be bugging each other (and ME)!  I mean, yeah, we've all been together ALL day, every day since Friday (because Blake had to stay home from school Friday and Monday due to his illness) but c'mon....can't we all just get along?!?

Soooo......does anyone have a Zamboni I can borrow for a few hours?  Just so I can drive safely on the ice?  I figured that would be a good vehicle to go tooling around town!  Right?

Anyway, here are some photos I've taken of the ice that is holding us all hostage here in the great state of Indiana.  Stay safe, Hoosiers (and everyone else experiencing the WORST WINTER EVER)!!!!!!

This is the first day of the ice storm.  Can you see the ice jutting out from the car (not mine, by the way....)?  CRAZY!

All a solid sheet of ice with a little bit of snow mixed in! 

Our frozen block of ice coming out of the drain pipe!

Lola was having fun TRASHING the house.  And yeah, we have been in pajamas for a long time!

My kids come up with interesting ways to entertain themselves!

This is from today....after more sleet and snow!

The crazy wind has, as you can see, blown the snow all the way up to the front door!

***On a side note.....I sure hope that groundhog was right.  Because I'm pretty sure I can't handle much more of this weather!  Continue to hope and pray we keep our power please!  I'm running out of ways to entertain these kidlets.  And without power?  Well, you might as well put me in a loony bin! :)

***Also....I had to share a Blakeism.  He sure isn't loving all this weather.  His thoughts?  Last night he randomly said, "I wish we could be teleported to Florida."  Me, too, kiddo.  Me, too!!! Awwww, that Blake makes me chuckle!  Now let's work on that teleporting thing.  Because that would be AWESOME!