Thursday, September 30, 2010

According To Me!

I'm thinking I should publish a post every now and then simply featuring my opinion on.....stuff!  So here it first "according to me" blog!

As I was out walking today, a car drove by with a house divided license plate (and of course, it got me thinking.....).  Apparently one person in the house likes Purdue and the other likes IU.  HUH?!?!?!  Now I see these types of plates all the time when I'm in Kentucky.  Somebody in the family likes U of L.  And somebody likes UK.  Again......HUH?!?!?!

Now, as a U of L alumni and a die hard fan, I couldn't imagine marrying a UK fan.  I'm pretty sure questions like this should come up fairly early in the relationship.  Right?  I mean, I knew Billy was a Yankee hater and I am a big time Yankee LOVER.  However, I could handle it because at least he wasn't a RED SOX fan!!!  See what I'm saying?  Like, I don't think a Duke fan would marry a North Carolina fan.  Or should I say I don't think it's wise??!?  I thought this was all pretty self explanatory!

So here's life according to me:  those people who live in a "house divided" either aren't really that into their teams.  OR......they have A LOT of tension in their homes during basketball, football, baseball seasons or what have you.  Just sayin'.......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Some Stuff!

I thought I would update you on life in the Yadon house.  I know, you've probably been dying to know what we've been doing over here!  The suspense is about to!

1.  I began going from room to room cleaning and sorting pretty much everything.  And by cleaning and sorting, I mean throwing away A LOT!  I started with the Easter (yeah, EASTER) candy in the pantry.  I'm calling this project "THE DECLUTTERING OF 2010" (original title, I know)!

2.  THE DECLUTTERING OF 2010 is mostly a result of watching Hoarders on A&E.  Not that I'm a hoarder but after watching that show, I feel I have to be as FAR away from that as possible!

3.  While decluttering, I found a warning ticket I received shortly after moving (and evidently speeding) to Indiana.  I had to laugh because the poor officer couldn't even spell my name correctly.
I know it's blurry but hopefully you can still read it!  Feel free to call me Sarash (but don't expect me to answer! :)

4.  Of course Lola and I are still walking our 4 miles every other day!  This week's observations:  half of a banana.  I decided to follow the decomposition each time I walk by.  I'm calling this, "THE BANANA DECOMPOSITION WATCH OF 2010."  Wow, that's a long title.  Anyway, here is the banana from today:  

5.  On our walk several days ago, I heard A LOT of rustling in the woods (yes, I walk next to a wooded area).  So either there really IS a watcher in the woods, or there are a lot of wild animals...Either way, I hightailed it on by!

6.  Last week, I had quite a few challenging days.  On some (A LOT) occasions, I vent on facebook.  What happened next?  My dear friend, Nedra, came over with some Paradise cookies (yes, the ones I blogged about previously).  YUM!  Thank you, Nedra for saving the week!

7.  Blake is still involved in soccer pretty much every day!  It isn't a big deal except when the weather (for some reason) thinks it's still August.  I'm not happy about the 95 degrees at yesterday's practice.  You listening, Mother Nature?  It's ALMOST OCTOBER!!!!!  That being said, when it's cold, I'll probably complain, too!  So be prepared....just sayin'!

8.  Finally, I heard a knock on the door Monday afternoon.  Standing before me?  The mail carrier with a package from Holland.  She couldn't pronounce my last name (and I thought having DeLuca as a maiden name was bad).  Apparently Yadon is pretty impossible to figure out.  Anyway, since she was bringing me said package, I really didn't care!  My lovely friend, Inge, sent me all kinds of goodies from Holland!  Thank you, Inge, for starting this week off right!

That's all she wrote, my friends!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thirty-Two Years YOUNG!

I turned old over the weekend.  But today this is my 100th blog.  So I guess my blog number is bigger than my age!  So that is good.  :)

Where did I spend my weekend?  Why, in Louisville, of course!  It was nice to see my friends and family and it was kinda cool to see my husband! ;)  This living apart thing is for the birds!  The birds, I say!  But anyway, here are a few photos from our lovely weekend!  We got to see some of my high school friends at the park by the river and we had a swell time!
Me and Susan

Blake on the merry go round!

Me and my dear friend, Susan

This is my favorite photo!  My friend, Sam took the photo and he told us we needed to take another one because "Jennifer wasn't looking at the camera."  Ya think?  I love it!

This is a better one! :)

Holding my friend, Michelle's baby!
Lola and the dog she pestered all day long!
Lola and Susan!
Lola, looking cute!
Blake, feeling a little nauseous after riding the merry go round for like two hours!
Still not feeling well!
My cute family!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


So today we decided to do something.  We have to cherish every moment we have when Billy is home!  What did we do, you ask?  I know you're dying to know!  We went....wait for the ZOO!  Little Lola is MORE than obsessed with animals so I can't believe we waited so long to take her to a zoo.  We are lame, I know.  But today was the day.  The weather was PERFECT!  We had a super fantabulous time!

Before I post photos and you wonder why we only have Lola in them, I should explain that while we were at the zoo, Blake was here:

This is Chicago, by the way!  He was attending a Chicago Fire v. LA Galaxy game with his dad!  They had a GREAT time!  We missed him at the zoo but soccer is way more important to him! ;)

*WARNING*  The rest of the blog is full of EXTREME photo footage of our trip to the Indianapolis Zoo.  I don't think it's hazardous to your health. But your eyes might get tired of staring at the computer screen for a long time.  So consider yourself warned, my friends.

Yeah, this is our attempt at a family self portrait!  HA HA!  Lola's eyes are incredible...we just wanted to highlight that! :)

My favorite shot of the day!

Hope your eyeballs still work!  For reals!  :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Odd Number!

Before I address the title of this blog, I wanted to post a few photos of Lola!  First there are some of what she does when we are at soccer!
She plays with the plants!

She plays with rocks (and has since started EATING them.....yum)!

As I said in earlier posts, she keeps me very, VERY busy.....especially at soccer!  And here is a photo of her playing at a small park by our house.  This picture just reminds me how cute she is and that I shouldn't get TOO frustrated when she acts like a ninny (yeah, I said "ninny")!

And now to explain the "odd number" title.....this is the most random speed limit sign I have EVER seen!  I noticed it when I was walking back to my car after Blake's soccer game Saturday.  I laughed and then I got my phone out to snap a photo (of course because what else would you do if you saw this?):

REALLY?  19?  Not 15 or even 20, but 19?  Come on people......