Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey World......

Remember me?!?  I know some of you might think I fell off the earth!  It is quite the opposite.  I've been all over the earth.  If by "all over the earth" I mean from Louisville to Indy and back a million times this summer!  And unfortunately, that's what I mean!  Of course there were a few trips to Chicago and back, too!  So let me go ahead and write the biggest catch-up blog EVER!  I will do my best to keep it concise.  Here's what's happened since my last post!

1.  Memorial Day weekend took us to Chicago for Blake's travel soccer tournament. The boys did GREAT!  Blake did really well and his team came in 2nd.  That's pretty darn good, I say! (How's that for concise??)

2.  School ended (and consequently, is getting ready to start again soon).  *BRAGGING MOMENT ALERT*  Blake finished the year with As (all year long).  He also finished with extremely high scores in math which moved him to the accelerated class.  He's been doing 4th grade math all summer so that next year, while in 4th grade, he'll be doing 5th grade math.  Go Blake! I won't mention that it's been like pulling teeth to get him to do his work on a daily basis.  But I kinda did just mention it, eh?

3.  Then a few days after school ended, we loaded up and went to visit my sister, Jess and her cute family up in New York.  You may have noticed (if you are a regular reader....and you SHOULD be, ahem...) that this has become a tradition!  My mom came with us since Billy didn't have enough vacation days!  We had all kinds of fun.  I ate way too much.  And Lola was very sad to leave her best friend, Genevieve.  This year, we did some new things.  We went to the Erie Canal to feed ducks.  We ate delicious ice cream at a farm/creamery.  We went to the children's museum in Rochester.  And it was a BLAST!!!

4.  After New York, it was time for Blake's soccer camps!  The first one was run by the University of Louisville (GO CARDS) coach, Ken Lolla.  Blake had an absolute BLAST!  He will definitely go back next year!  Blake really did well.  It was nice to see the Louisville head coach spend so much time with the kids!  We loved watching!

5.  After that soccer camp, we came back to Indy for a sports sampler camp through our local parks and rec department.  Yes, I wish our parks and rec department was like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson.  We're in a different part of Indiana.  Anyway, he also had a soccer camp at night with the Noblesville High School coach and players!  He was BUSY but he had a blast.  Then on that Saturday, he and his friends (the Killer Bees) played in their first 3v3 tournament of the summer.  They came in 3rd and played really well!  We were proud!  Immediately after the tournament, we loaded the car and headed to Chicago!  Because Blake's team came in 2nd in their Chicago tournament, they were invited to a Chicago Fire game!  They were able to go on the field and get their picture taken after the game!  We had a blast.  We loved being able to see former Louisville star defender, Austin Berry in action (he's #22 in the photos).  We also loved seeing them play the Columbus Crew and our favorite, Eddie Gavin (#12)! :)

6.  Holy smokes...I'm starting to bore myself!  Okay, I'll get on with it! Next we were off to Louisville AGAIN!  Blake had a British soccer camp for the week.  He's been attending these camps for four years!  I love the accents.  And of course, the training is good, too!  Blake was amazing!  The coaches couldn't believe he was only 9.  The other kids said he was the star player.  The parents even made several comments to me.  Oops, I forgot to give you the *BRAGGING MOMENT ALERT*.  Sorry.  Anyway, here are some pictures with Blake and his team (Portugal).  He made a really big flag for the World Cup.  His team won! :)

7.  Blake was also able to meet up with his sister, Morgan and his stepmother, Pam!  They were visiting friends and family in Kentucky and Ohio.  And since we were in Kentucky A LOT, we were able to meet up!  Blake had a blast.  It was great seeing them! :)

8.  Then we were back to Indy for another 3v3 tournament.  This time the boys placed FIRST!  HOORAY!  It was only 105 degrees out there.  Oh my was HOT!  But they were amazing and really earned that number one title!

9.  Fourth of July was spent in Kentucky.  SURPRISE!  Billy got a few fireworks to set off with the kids!  They loved it!  I was a little concerned that he might blow off a finger.  He didn't.  

10.  22 years later, I think that about sums it up!  We are currently in Indiana (just arrived today) for Blake's NUSC soccer camp.  But we are leaving for Columbus on Friday!  Hopefully I can just blog one event at a time now!  Sorry for the overload of information and pictures!  If you're still with me, thank you for following!  You guys are the best! :) catch up on The Bachelorette...... :)