Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break

Blake had a couple days off from school so we headed to.......drum roll please.........KENTUCKY!  Where else would we go?  I mean, maybe if I was able to live with my husband, we might have gone somewhere else!  However, since I don't live with my husband, I had to drive to Kentucky to be with him! 

We got to Louisville on Wednesday and enjoyed our five days of family time!  I had A LOT of fun!  Sometimes (almost every time) I stress a ton about Lola and whether or not she will sleep.  She is the world's worst traveling baby.  That kinda sounds like she's a circus performer.  But anyway, she doesn't sleep well when she isn't home and she still doesn't like the car.  Guess what?  This trip she was A......MAZING!  Blake and Lola totally rocked this trip out!

I was able to meet up with some of my closest friends from high school on Thursday.  I brought my camera but forgot to take photos.  But here is one of me and Lola before I left for dinner at Chili's!

Friday, we headed to Georgetown (which is where we used to live).  I hadn't been back to see anyone in a LONG time!  First, I surprised one of my bestest friends, Jenny!  She had NO clue I was stopping by!  It was so much fun!  I was so happy to see her and her cute, CUTE girls!  Blake and Lola loved playing with the kids!

Then we were off to see some of our other dear friends, the Risher family!  They fed us DELICIOUS chili and corn muffins for dinner and we had a wonderful time visiting with them!  Blake was also in heaven playing on the trampoline with the Risher boys!  And after we left there, we headed to the Bolton's for the night!  Oh how we love them!  We were up until 1 AM talking and having fun!  It was pretty much the best weekend ever! :)  Thank you Georgetown for making us so happy!

Saturday we had our family photos taken in Louisville.  I can't wait to see them!  Then Sunday we celebrated Blake's birthday (AGAIN).  He scored even more presents!  Then I got to drive home without my Billy.  *TEAR*  The kids fell asleep pretty much right away.  Two hours in the dark with nobody to talk to is BORING.  Thank heavens I had some Chex Mix to keep me company.  But that just made me gain weight, I'm sure.  Dumb Chex Mix (we have a love/hate relationship).

The three of us at the Squire house!

Me holding baby Jenna!

Jenna, Julianna, and Blake

Me and my cute, tiny friend, Jenny!

Lola climbing the stairs at Jenny's!

Lola wouldn't cooperate in the photos!!!

The girls loved Blake!  Julianna was so cute and loved saying, "CHEESE," for the pictures! 

So that was our fall break.  I know you're jealous! ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zoo BOO!

Last Saturday, we decided to head over to the zoo with some friends!  We weren't thinking about how crowded the zoo might be.  It was kind-of a nightmare.  It was my first time going to the zoo boo festivities and I was just in it for the candy.  Well, when I think of trick or treating, I think of good candy.  NOT the following:  twizzlers, flavored tootsie rolls, smarties, and stickers (?? not even candy.  duh).  Yeah.  Those are not the kinds of "treats" I go for.  If it isn't chocolate, I usually don't want it!  But......I will say the kids (mostly) had fun and it was a beautiful day!  So I guess it wasn't a total loss. 

My cute ladybug and her daddy!

Billy, Lola, and Blake (dressed up in his soccer "costume").  Okay, maybe we did just come from a soccer game.  But ya know.....

WITH sunglasses!

WITHOUT sunglasses!

Blake and his good friend, Ethan!

Billy....getting friendly with the ghost!

Sarah, the spider Sarah, the spider (just for the day).

Getting ready to go trick or treating (if you can call it that....)!

Cute baby Gavin and Lola!  They were super good in their strollers!

Billy and our good friend, Brad!

Last but not least, Blake wanted to take a photo of us kissing.  After much protest (mainly from me as I'm not a big PDA person), we finally caved.  I'm sure this is just what you all wanted to see!  You're welcome! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blake IS Eight!!!!

I'm finally getting around to posting the blog about Blake's REAL birthday.  I blogged about his party.  I blogged about his birthday eve.  Now I'm finally blogging about the actual day!  And it was a great one, indeed!  He had a soccer tournament all day!  WOO HOO!  He scored 1 goal in his first game and a hat trick (3 goals) in his second game.  His team took first place in the tournament (which was called Socctoberfest...yeah, I pretty much love that name)!

Blake's day started out with 8 balloons tied to the kitchen chair and two donuts pushed together to make a number 8 (forgot to take a photo).  He loved that!  We also had streamers up and signs all over the house!  And of course he got to eat on the "birthday plate" which is quite possibly one of my favorite things ever!  Between his soccer games, his dad came over and took him to lunch!  He had fun!  Then for his birthday dinner?  He decided he wanted pad thai.  Yup!  That's my boy!

So since Blake is eight, I decided to make a list (of course).

8 things we love about Blake:

1.  His big, infectious smile.
2.  His love of sports (because I just couldn't claim him as my child if he didn't).
3.  How sweet he is with his little sister.
4.  His creativity (writing, drawing, etc....).
5.  He is such a good kid and has helped me A LOT while Billy is gone.
6.  He loves going to church and school and he often comes home teaching me a thing or two!
7.  He loves learning new things!
8.  He is pretty stinkin' cute and I love that about him!  He brightens a room and I'm so happy he's mine!

Happy birthday, Blake!  We love you!

This was his favorite present!  Go me for thinking of an Ipod shuffle!  I rock! ;)

So as you can see, he was a wee bit tired by the end of the day (or I should say, the end of the tournament).  He had a great birthday and told me it was his favorite one yet!  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Eve!

As you know, Blake had his birthday party on the 7th!  Then on the 8th, we celebrated his birthday with many friends at the Pacers game!  Basketball is BAAAAACK!  Woo hoo!  It was the preseason home opener against the Magic and we were there (thanks, Alan)!

Blake had a BLAST!  We were on the jumbo-tron.  It was pretty cool.  I totally wanted to be on the kiss cam but that didn't happen.  :(  Anyway, at least we made the big screen!  Then Blake got to spend a little time with the super fans in Area 55 (devoted Pacers and Roy Hibbert lovers).

We only took a few photos (GASP) but here they are!

Getting ready to leave for the game!

Lola had a BLAST and she was so good until about the 3rd quarter!!!

Blurry, i know.  But Blake is in this photo!  He is sitting in area 55; two rows up from the Verizon sign!

Another shot of Blake in area 55!