Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Trip to Sarah's World!

I know you all have been dying for an update!  I can see all of your heads nodding in unison.  Yeah.  You better be!  What's been going on over here?  Oh.....a little bit of this and a lot of bits of that.

1.  Lola is crazier than ever.  It's been one (or two or three...) of those weeks.  She's started crawling out of her crib (again) on some days.  She has decided to unhook her seat belt in her car seat.  Which is awesome because what do I do with that?  I'll tell you what.....pray every time I'm in the car, I don't get pulled over.  Could you imagine?!?  Sorry Officer...my kid is NUTS!  Anyway, I have tried everything to keep her in (the top part of) the seat belt.  It's not working.  Also.....she is banned from crayons.  Again.  For the rest of her life.  Why?  This is why.  And it isn't the first time.

2.  Blake has kept me busy, as usual!  Besides soccer and football practices EVERY day, he has a few new obsessions!  What might they be?  Paper football.  You know that game where your hands are the goal posts and the football is made out of a triangle shaped piece of paper?  Yeah.  I spend all my "spare" time taking on Blake in some serious games of the "sport."  Other interests?  Watching The Sing Off.  Yeah. I let him stay up a little late on Monday nights.  He also discovered Jolly Ranchers (yes, the hard candy we all love so much).  He thinks he can eat three before bed since that is "the serving size."  I, however, think that this habit will have him welcoming a whole new set of silver teeth!!!!  Oh, and he also got a set of fake moustaches.  He has a lot of fun with them and has inspired the party I'm throwing soon (the 'stache bash).  Yeah.  It's happening.

3.  Me.  I am currently sick with what feels like the plague.  It has been going on for a week now.  Each day I sound more and more like a dude.  And singing Lola to bed?  It's pretty terrible.  I kinda want to tape it and disgrace myself on Youtube.  It's THAT bad!  I have been busy trying to get better (you know....lazing about while watching two kids by myself).  I'm of course VERY busy now that all the fall shows are back on tv.  And I'm trying.....REALLY trying to work on writing that book I started ages ago.  Or the other book I started writing a couple weeks ago.  Or.......you get the idea!  Life is crazy right now.  And here is a photo of me (courtesy of Lola....she gets to play with my phone when all other entertainment fails at Blake's various sports practices)!  I think she might have a real talent!  Bwah ha ha ha!

I hope things are going swimmingly in your world!!  Have a fabulous week!  :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Day I Turned 33.......

Was a glorious day!!  I mean besides the fact that I'm pretty old now, it wasn't too bad!  And I'm pretty sure I blogged about the fact that I spent the whole last year thinking I was already 33.  So I'm good with "repeating" this age! :)

I kicked off my birthday weekend by watching the Boise State Broncos win on Friday night!  YAY!  Then Billy and I stayed up really late watching Mr. Deeds.  It was wicked awesome.  We were both very tired the next day but I'm pretty sure it was worth it.  May I also point out that we have seen the movie a million times AND we own it.  Was it really necessary to stay up until 2 AM?  Probably not.  But was it worth it?  Heck yeah.

Saturday (my actual birthday) was amazing!  Billy and Blake got up early and decorated the house with all kinds of banners and signs (as pictured below).  They are so cute!  It made my day!  After that, it was all about sports, sports, sports!  Blake had a football game.  His team lost 8-6 but Blake scored the only touchdown for his team (and it rocked).  He got a fumble recovery, a sack, and several awesome tackles!  Go Blake!  Then we had a little time to go home and get our things together before leaving for Blake's soccer game.  His team won 10-0.  Blake scored 3 goals!  YAY!

After the soccer game, we headed straight to Louisville to watch the men's soccer team take on Butler.  Blake's coaches just graduated from Butler and were both on the soccer team there.  So it was fun to see the two teams play each other!  His coaches even made the drive from Indy to watch!  Sadly for them (but awesome for us), their team lost.  Louisville was victorious (4-0).  Then U of L football came through for me, too!  They beat their rival, UK 24-17.  WOO HOO!  And to top it all off?!?  The Yankees won, too!  It was an amazing day of sports!

So yeah, it was pretty great!  I won't mention (okay, I will....) that the next day (yesterday), the Bengals lost, the Yankees lost, and my soccer team, Chelsea lost (to Billy's team, Manchester United)!  WHY!?!  Not the best ending to the weekend.  And it was worse at the end because I had to drive home in the dark.  It was pouring down rain, it was foggy, and my wipers were messed up.  I was thankful to have arrived home safely!  It was a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blink 182!!!!

One of the things on my bucket list got crossed off last weekend!  What was it, you ask?  Going to see Blink 182 in concert.  I was a tad (super) worried that we would be the oldest ones in the crowd (we totally weren't).  I was pretty nervous (EXTREMELY nervous) to have a babysitter for the first time.  And I wasn't happy about the weather over the previous days (rain, rain, rain)!  But guess what?  Everything was fine!  Actually it was more than fine.  It was FANtastic!

There were people of ALL kinds at the show.  I always like attending concerts for this reason!  The kids did great with the babysitter (at least I think they did)!  And aside from the fact that there was a TON of mud from said rain, the weather was okay!  The show?  OFF THE HOOK!  They still rock my socks after all these years!

We didn't take any photos except for a few of ourselves.  Yeah.  Billy and I were that couple!  But at least it isn't such a bad couple to be! ;)  So here are the only pics we took.  And there is one of the opening act (My Chemical Romance singer, Gerard)!  What's so cool about him?  Well, first of all, his name is Gerard.  Second of all, his hair is insane.  It is a red like I have never seen before.  I couldn't get over it!  So I made Billy snap a pic!  And then we rocked out to Blink 182.  And then we went home!  That's how I wrapped up the end of my summer concerts!  And it was good.   REEEEALLLLLL good! :):):)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mini Golf Anyone?

And finally.....the last of the Labor Day blog posts!  THREE CHEERS!  Hip hip hooray!  Hip hip hooray!  Hip hip hooray!  I told you we had A LOT going on and we were all pretty camera happy!  YAY!  Okay I'm getting on with it!  We had a Groupon for Ben and Ari's to go miniature golfing.  I'm pretty sure I don't remember the last time I went.  It was super fun!  Was I pretty terrible?  Yeah.  That is for CERTAIN!  Did I still manage to beat Billy and Blake?  You know that's right (Gus from Psych style).  Here's something I learned, though:  I will never, ever (probably) play a real round of golf.  Ever.  If I ever (probably won't) change my mind, the only reason would be to yell, "FORE" on the course.  That always sounds like it might be kinda fun!

On to the photos, my good friends!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Conner Prairie!

More Labor Day fun?  You know it!  We had an action-packed weekend!  It sure was a blast!  There is a neat little place about ten minutes from home called Conner Prairie!  The weather cooled off considerably and it was so pleasant!  We decided to head over and pretend like we were living back in the "olden" days! :)

*WARNING*  Lots of photos (AGAIN)!  Sorry.  We got a little camera happy over the last couple days!

Favorites?  Lola definitely LOVED the animals.  Blake got to throw an ax.  Yeah.  It was cool.  I liked the apple store and the hot air balloon voyage area.