Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Bow Peep!

My sister makes AWESOME bows.  Seriously.  So SURPRISE.....I'm doing a Spring giveaway.  I planned this all along (muah ha ha---devilish laugh).  So just when you thought the madness of March was over, I am hittin' ya up with one last hoorah!  And this is a good one.  Well, for the ladies, and for people who have little girls.  But, I guess even if you don't have girls, you probably know someone who does!  And then this giveaway would make a great present!

I'm trying to convince my dear sister to start selling her bows.  So spread the word.  If you love these (and these are just a few samples of what she can do), then tell me and everyone you know!  She doesn't charge much and she gets them done really fast!

Here is a photo of a bow that is NOT included in this giveaway.  I repeat.  This bow is NOT included.  Sorry.  It's a shame because I love this style!  Many of you have seen Lola wearing a similar one.

This bow would cost $4.00.

This bow IS included in the giveaway.  If you were to buy one like this (from my sister),  it would cost $3.50.  She can also put a rhinestone (gemstone thingy) in the center!
 These bows are the ones included in the giveaway.  The set of butterflies would be $6.00 and the "citrus" bow would be $4.50.  She also makes bows like the "citrus" bow but smaller.  They are super cute!

So if you want to win (and I'm sure you do), you can do so by........drum roll please........LEAVING A COMMENT!  Surprised?  Nah.  You knew it was coming, right?!?  Anyway, I want to know which bow is your favorite?!?!  We will name them all to make it easy:  The blue ribbon (ha), the big pink flower, the butterfly set, and the citrus bow.  And remember.....the blue ribbon (sadly) is NOT included in this giveaway!

The winner will be selected next Saturday!  Spread the word and try to win!  Good luck to my bow lovin' peeps! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is the Way We Roll!

When it's nice outside, you better believe we are out there!  Blake rides on his scooter:

And Lola cruises in the stroller:
A view from the back!

And a view from the front!

I definitely get my exercise chasing these two birds around!  We have all kinds of fun on our walks/scooter rides/stroller cruisin'!  Destination?  The park, of course!  Bring on more sunny days! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Would Like to Thank the State of Indiana For......

Nearly ruining my FAVORITE event of the year.  I'm tellin' ya, folks, I'm no luck but bad luck.  It's true.  I can give you about 52 million examples but I'll just stick to the topic at hand.  Saturday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (well, most of it was, anyway).

Thunder Over Louisville (the kick-off to the Kentucky Derby festivities) is awesome.  Billy doesn't understand, if it's indeed so "awesome," why nobody around here (in Indy) has heard of it.  That, my friends, is a mystery.  I'm thinking that if something is the biggest fireworks show in the country, the whole country should have heard of it.  But don't get me started on that.  My point is (and I do have one) that I LOVE Thunder.  I have gone almost every year since moving to Kentucky in 1990.   Yes, I know I don't live there anymore, but you can imagine.....

This year, we decided to watch Thunder from the Indiana side.  I typically never do that because I feel that Indiana is getting one heck of a show (and a lot of money raised for them) for an event that isn't even theirs.  Anyway, my dear sister was kind enough to give us a parking pass for the Sheraton hotel (her friend is the manager).  That pass would allow us access to the hotel lobby bathrooms (hooray for not having to use port-a-pots).

We left for Thunder at 4:15ish.  We sat in traffice for an hour and a half(ish).  We got across the bridge and realized the exit for the Sheraton was closed.  NICE!  Then we realized (after being instructed by police officers) the roads to the Sheraton were all closed at 5 pm and no matter what, we weren't getting through.  Awesome?  Awesome.  We decided (after waiting in a REALLY long McDonald's bathroom line) to turn around and go back to Louisville.

Except.....the Indiana State Police decided to close on-ramps to I-65S at 6:30 instead of 8:30 like the paper stated.  Awesome?  Awesome.  We had to go ALL the way to New Albany and across the bridge.  We got back into Louisville by about 7:30ish.  Yes, we were in the car for those 3 hours.  Then we drove around for another hour looking for a place to park.  Thank you, Porter Paints, for not having tow away signs and for letting us park in your lot (whether you wanted us to or not).

After all that (and a computer glitch which caused a 15 minute delay in the start of the fireworks), we got what we wanted:  an amazing show.  I would post photos of the fireworks, except the brand new batteries I put in my camera before leaving, had somehow died after only two pictures.  Yeah, I know.  I have bad luck.  There's just no other way of lookin' at it!

So a big ol' thank you to Indiana for wasting a lot of my dad's time and gas to get his lovely daughter (me) to her favorite thing ever (Thunder).  For those of you who have never been....you should check it out!  Here are the only two photos I was able to take!  Oh, and yes, I had to use the port-a-potty!!!!!!!!

Mom and Dad!

Me with my cute Blake (and a lot of jackets....)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flippity Floppity Foo!

I painted my toenails yesterday (for the first time since October).  And then I wore flip flops.  Hooray for warm weather!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspired By.....FORREST GUMP????

Yeah, I love that movie.  I have recently started RUNNANG.  I must admit that I don't always love it.  I'm pretty darn slow and I get kinda bored after a while.  However, today, with the help of my running partners (my ipod playlist peeps), I pushed myself.  I ran over FOUR miles without stopping.  I did it in 40 minutes.  I'm pretty sure I could have kept running and running and running.  So yes, I am just like Mr. Gump (well, not really....but kinda).  Except....I don't ever remember him looking like this after he got done running:

Yeah.  I'm pretty scary.  And red.  Hmmm....anyway, I did it.  Bring on the 5k in May.  I've got this now! :)


I know many of my readers are avid runners.  Please don't mock me for being slow and stuff.  And for not running very far!  I only posted this since it was a personal best!  ;););)

The Ville Misses T Will!

I totally stole borrowed my title from someone's sign at the basketball game (I'll be sure to give it back).  I wish I had come up with it.  Since I didn't, I thought I would use it in my blog!  Okay, I'll get on with it.  You people have better things to do than read my jibberish (maybe)! ;)

You must know by now how much I love basketball.  RIGHT??  Yup.  I thought so.  Well, one of my favorite U of L players (now an NBAer) just came to Indy.  Who, you might ask?  Terrence Williams.  You don't know that name?  T Will?  Ring any bells?  Most people call him T Will.  Terrence Williams has double the amount of syllables.  I'm thinking if I'm ever famous, I'll just go by S YA.  Ha.  Anyway, T Will plays for the New Jersey Nets and they were in town playing the Pacers.

Thank you, Alan Mowrey for hooking us up with SWEET seats.  We were four rows behind the Net's bench.  Blake loved it!  I snapped a few great (but far below a real photograher's standard) pics.  It was so fun to see him in action.  He was amazing.  Too bad he plays for the worst team in the NBA.  But that will soon change, my friends.  It will definitely change.

Here are the photos.  If you're a fan, you should be jealous! ;)  If you aren't a fan, you probably won't care about this blog anyway.  Sorry, peeps.  If I'm not talkin' about basketball every now and then, you might wonder who  hacked into Simply Sarah's blog and stole my identity.  It's true. 

I  now present......number 8 for the New Jersey Nets.......TERRENCE WILLIAMS (said with my best announcer voice)!

Had to take one of Brook Lopez.  But just one! 

Falls.....Canadian Style!

We were told Niagara Falls was WAY better on the Canadian side.  I got all the proper documentation needed to cross into another country!  It wasn't hard (except for the mean border crossing lady I mentioned earlier).  Anyway, even though it was freezing and stuff, it was beautiful!  I can see why the Canadian side is much better.  You can see everything since the falls are on the American side.  The view is where it's at and the view is all in Canada!  Here are some photos!  The Last two are from DQ....I had to get some poutine.  I know, I'm not sure who named it that but it sure is tasty!  Who wouldn't love french fries with gravy and cheese?  I think it's time for American restaurants to start carrying it.  I'm sick of driving all the way to Canada just for a side dish.  Oh well.  Niagara Falls was pretty cool, too! ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

New York, New York (But Not New York City)!

Spring break was quite an adventure!  We decided to go to New York to visit my sister and her super cute little family!  Here is list of some things we dabbled in and some things I learned.

5 things I loved about our vacation:

1.  I lOVED seeing my sister, her husband, and my sweet niece.
2.  I loved getting away from "life" for a little bit.  It's nice to just get away every now and then!
3.  I loved exploring church sites in Palmyra.
4.  Wegman's.  It's an awesome grocery store.
5.  Going to Niagara Falls in Canada (and eating poutine while across the border).  I also especially loved the border patrol lady who had a lot of personality (she totally didn't).  She must hate her job.  Yeah.  That's it.

5 things I learned/discovered/realized while on vacation:

1.  Lola HATES the car.  I also learned I don't do well in a car with a shrieking child.  It was THAT bad.
2.  There are no Speedway gas stations after you leave Ohio.  At least I couldn't find any.  Which is bad news because I like fountain drinks.  From Speedway.  Enough said.
3.  It can snow at Niagara Falls in April.  Probably only when the bad luck Yadon family visits but still.....
4.  Indiana is REALLY flat.
5.  I ate way too much.  WAY too much.  Vacation is over.  Diet is starting again!  Tomorrow!

We are home now and trying to get back into some sort of routine.  And by routine, I mean getting my kids to bed at a decent time.  I'm also trying to keep myself out of the Easter baskets.  I need a 12 step program to recover from my apparent Robin Egg Whopper addiction.  Here are some photos from the trip!

In front of Jess and Brandon's house!

Lake Ontario photos!

Photos from around the house and in Palmyra!  Fun times were had by all! :)