Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review!

Wow!  What a year!  It's been mostly good.....except for the part where my husband still lives in another state.  That hasn't gotten any better!  Maybe I should start a campaign to bring Billy home!  If any of you know of ANY jobs.....;)

I can't believe 2011 is OVER!

Some notables?  Is it bad I can't think of anything right this second?  Good thing you guys have no idea how long it takes me to type a post! ;)

1.  I was lucky enough to visit Florida (and my dear sister, Alli) again!  Mom and I went over 4th of July weekend and it was pretty awesome.  We found a yogurt bar called Yogurt Ur Way and it pretty much made my heart happy (and the number on the scale climb)!  And I guess I should remind you all that I went parasailing in Key West!  That made me feel pretty brave!

2.  We went to ALL kinds of sporting events over the year!  Some favorites?  Sitting courtside at the Pacers game (and appearing on the kiss cam.....with my BROTHER!!!!!)!  We also loved the two Columbus Crew games (and many autographs), the Louisville/Butler basketball game, the many U of L soccer games, Manchester United game in Chicago, and of course, all of Blake's games! :)  Still on the bucket list?  A Cincinnati Bengals game!

3.  Lola turned 3.  Blake turned 9.  I thought I was 33 for an entire year.  When I found out I was only 32, it was pretty awesome!  I'm making the most of my REAL 33rd year....and writing a book about it, too!

4.  We (mainly I) went to some pretty AMAZING concerts!  Bests of the best?  My Morning Jacket, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World.  Honorable mention?  Journey.
5.  Billy totaled his car and had to get a new(er) one.  We are glad he was okay!  He still works super hard for his family!  We miss him and love him each and every day!

Some resolutions?  I usually don't make many resolutions or set many goals.  (Is that bad???)  But I guess I will have a couple for the year and we'll see how it goes!

1.  Lose weight (same goal every year)!
2.  Train hard for my VERY FIRST mini marathon (April 28th)!
3.  Finish my book.  And getting a book published would be pretty sweet, too! 
4.  Get more people to read my blog (my viewer count was down this year....sad)!

We had a pretty great year, I suppose!  We got to see many dear friends.  We went on lots of fun trips.  We are looking forward to the upcoming year.  And here's to remembering to write 2012 on all appropriate documents.  It's always the hardest thing about the New Year!  ;)  May you all have a prosperous one!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Merry Little Christmas!

We had one CRAZY Christmas vacation!  It entailed a lot of driving and plenty of stress!  But we pulled it off.....successfully! :)  Well....kind of.  I didn't take very many pictures.  I guess that's okay!  The kids ended up on the nice list...sometimes I'm not sure how it happened.  That Santa is a stand-up guy!

We got up super early (6 AM) and opened up presents super fast.  Then we got showered, loaded the car, and left for the airport by 8 AM.  Like I said, it was rushed and stressful (or did I forget to mention that?).  I should also mention that we had to drop Blake off at the LOUISVILLE airport (which is why I said we traveled a lot)!  Indy to Louisville and back is a WELL traveled path of the Yadons!

The favorites of Christmas day?

Blake:  iTouch, mini U of L football helmet (what the heck?), and a Bayern Munich soccer jersey.
Lola:  Leapster, princess dresses, and her Dora color with water book.
Sarah:  DEFINITELY my books actually in print (Blurb).  Thank you, Billy! I know it was a pain!  But now you people can actually read my books (if you feel like buying them in book form or for an eReader).  I'm still going through and making some changes (Blurb sometimes messes things up)!  I'll post the links anyway!  Keep in mind that the first book (Perfect Timing) was my FIRST book.  And it was many, many years ago!  I know it isn't all that great but I did have agent representation on that one (just a little info...)!
Billy:  Random....but he says it's the Manchester United silver spinning pendant necklace (we'll pretend I don't tell him it looks a tad girly)!

We had a wonderful holiday season!  Thank you for all of your Christmas cards!  I couldn't ask for better friends and family!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! :)

*Please enjoy the photos!  Pay no attention to Blake's SWEET sleeveless shirt and awesome hair.  Also, don't look at Lola's crazy hair and the fact that she has her shirt on backwards.  Looking good on Christmas morning?  Epic fail.  Oops!*

Friday, December 23, 2011

Zoo Part II

Because of the millions of photos in the last post, I decided to add the rest of the photos in a new blog!  I guess we took WAY too many pictures!  But I couldn't narrow them down.  Well, actually, I cut out about five or ten.  This is what's left!  Some of them are kinda dark.  It's a fun game to try to find Blake in them (Where's Waldo style)!  Good luck!

Christmas at the Zoo!

After hearing how awesome the Christmas lights at the zoo are, we decided to venture out this year!  So we bundled up and off we went!  It was beautiful!  I was really impressed!  Lola was mostly freezing but she had fun "finding Nemo."  She also loved petting the sharks.  Blake loved all the lights and loved taking pictures with MANY of the displays!  My favorite thing (besides the lights) was definitely the tigers!  They are beasts!  And they are always doing something totally amazing!  Tigers.....keep on being FABULOUS!  Enjoy our 22,000 photos!