Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And Finally.......

The last life lesson?  A quote taken from one of my favorite movies:  "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line."

I'm pretty sure that one might be true.  If you learned nothing else from me over the course of the week, at least remember that!

Name that movie! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yay For Life Lessons!

Life lesson of the day:  Never wear sunglasses (without sunscreen) while sitting at soccer practice for almost two hours in the 90 degree sun.

By the way......I'm not the one who looks like a raccoon!  HEE HEE HEE!  You readin' this, Billy? ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost Done With Lessons?????

I am almost done with my life lessons, yes.  Are they that boring?  Don't answer that....mainly because I can't hear you anyway.  But mostly because I don't want to know the answer! ;)

Anyway, today was a good (but very hot) day!  Finally, the weather forecast was spot on (unfortunately).  So what did I learn today?  I learned that Lola thinks walking is the funniest thing on earth!  I learned that I shouldn't have been so worried about my nearly 18 month-old baby who wasn't walking.  So my life lesson?  Hmmmm......things come in time (in other words, be patient)! 

And another lesson?  Don't baby talk (Billy) on a video I'm going to post on this blog!  HA HA HA HA HA!  In this video, you can hear Blake giggling (too cute), Lola laughing, and me and Billy talking to Lola.  You can also see Lola's mismatched pajamas because she spilled water all over the other pajama bottoms just moments before.  She is also kinda scraggly.....but we still love her!  Congrats on taking your first steps, Lola!  Let the REAL fun begin!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yet Another Life Lesson!

NEVER trust the weather people in Indiana.  Seriously.  This weekend has been WAY off.  For example, last night we were supposed to get all kinds of bad weather.  We had a church activity planned (outdoors) that was canceled due to said "inclement" weather.  However, it rained for about ten minutes.  Then the sun came out and all was well.

Today was supposed to be mostly sunny and such.  I dressed in capris and a t-shirt to go to Blake's baseball game (which he totally rocked, by the way).  I froze under the 100 % cloudy skies and terrible wind.  Granted, it eventually warmed up but it would be cool if weather was really predictable.  But the way I see it is even I could have a job in a meteorology center (maybe).

Tomorrow is supposed to be stinkin' hot.  So if I wear something totally inappropriate to church (and by that, I just mean wrong for the weather.....not something trashy or anything like that), it's not my fault.  I just followed along with what the forecast told me!

**Disclaimer** If any of my readers are/know a meteorologist.....I'm only teasing (kind-of)! ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Life Lesson Number Three!

Life lesson of the day?  Wow, where do I begin?  I think I should start by saying my children are addicted to the great outdoors!  It's true.  Lola would rather be outside than doing anything else!  She screams her head off when I make her come inside!  I know, I know, I'm the worst mom ever!  Blake would also live outside if  I would let him!  So my life lesson of the day?  Spend all day outside (when the weather permits) because it makes your kidlets REALLY happy!  And when the kidlets are happy?  So are the mamas!  :)
Lola trying to escape to the great outdoors!

Blake relaxing in the front yard!

Having a "ball."  HA HA HA!

Blake in action!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Lesson Number Two!

I have been going through the stuff in my house trying to prepare for our neighborhood yard sale this Saturday!  I have so much JUNK (but possibly someone else's "treasure").  What I noticed is that my children have A LOT of toys.  I mean a lot.  The thing that gets me is they don't play with half of them.  So my life lesson should be not to buy my children so many useless things.  However, I think my lesson today is:  no matter how many toys your children have, they will probably rather play with random household items.  Case in point:
Tupperware is clearly a lot more entertaining than toys!

Playing in the refrigerator is also pretty awesome!  Just ask Lola!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Lessons

I thought it would be fun to do a blog a day for a week!  It's been a while since I've done that.  They won't be long blogs but hey, that's okay!  I've decided to write about life lessons.  I have many of them daily.  So it shouldn't be hard to post one a day for a week! :)

Today's life lesson:  DO NOT (under any circumstance) buy the all new (and amazing) pretzel m&ms when you are trying to diet.  Believe me, it will sabotage everything you've worked toward.  What happened to my willpower?!?!  I used to be so good at NOT eating bad (but oh so tasty) things.  Hmmmm.....well, I guess tomorrow will be a better day!  But beware, let my lesson be a lesson to you! :)

Come back tomorrow for another life lesson from Sarah Yadon!

Monday, May 17, 2010


We get a kick out of Blake's "style."  He loves to dress himself.  I'm sure his teacher (and everyone else at school) has figured that out by now!  Not that he doesn't look stinkin' cute, because he totally does!  But seriously?  The top button?  ALWAYS buttoned.  And the shirt tucked in?  You know it, baby!  That's how he rolls!  The best thing, although not pictured here, is the black tennis shoes with his socks pulled up as high as they can go.  WORD!  And just in case one photo wasn't enough, here is one more!  We love you, Blake!

P.S.  This photo inlcudes the back end of the dog:  enjoy! ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let The Concerts Begin!

There is something I learned last summer about living in this place called Noblesville, Indiana.  Three words:  Verizon Wireless Center.  Yeah.  Anybody heard of it?  Well, if you're reading this from, say, Utah, you probably haven't.  But around here, everybody knows what I'm talkin' about.  What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?  Ha!  Had to do it!  Anyway, I live oh, about 2 minutes away from said Verizon Wireless Center.

So last night kicked off the first major concert of the season.  There may have been others while we were out of town.  But last night brought Jimmy Buffett and all the following "parrotheads."  It also brought lots of traffic and loud noise!  We live so close to the Center, we could actually hear music and the crowd cheering last night.  Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining.  I love a good concert!  And while not a huge Buffett fan myself, I've been known to get down to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" every now and again!

Anyway, when there are concerts around here, I have learned that I must have many alternate routes to getting home.  Why?  Because getting stuck in the freeway traffic (with concert goers) around here is madness!  So if I want to go to the mall this summer (on the weekend), I better have lots of ideas on how I'm going to get there AND get back home.  Sitting in traffic is so not cool.  I know you all can feel me on that one!

I've also decided that I need to go to a concert this summer.  It's been way too long.  And yeah, I might be kinda old for all that.  WHAT?  I'm never too old for a concert!  Sheesh.  So let the concert season begin, I say.  Oh, and here is my dear friend, Rochelle and her sweetie, Aaron.  They rocked that Buffett concert last night like it was nobody's business!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Fish Called Mike!

Mike?  Who names a fish Mike?  I'll tell ya......BLAKE MATTHEWS does.  Remember the school carnival we went to a while back?  Remember how upset he was that he didn't win a fish?  Well, this is our fish.  First Blake named him Cesc (after his favorite soccer player).  Then he decided he liked Mike better.  So Mike it is.

Let me tell you a little about this fish.  He's crazy.  For reals.  I've never had a fish like him.  He follows after two other Betta fish we have owned.  Wanda (yes, we had a fish called Wanda) lived over a year and traveled all over the country.  She rocked.  Then there was Didier (my favorite soccer player).  He wasn't so cool.  Not so cool at all.  He didn't live very long.  At all.  Now we have Mike.

Mike goes nuts when we enter the room.  I guess he can feel the floor shake when we walk around (like we're giants or something).  He puffs his face out when we approach the bowl. I love the attack mode.  We aren't scared of him!  When we feed him, he splashes out of the bowl to retrieve the food.  Yeah.  Weird.  Then, if you are standing by the bowl, you can hear him eat.  WHAT A PIG!  He is quite entertaining.  I think he's a better pet than our dog.  And by "I think,"  I mean "I KNOW" he is a better pet than our dog!

So that's Mike.  He's not just a fish.....he's a friend!  HA HA!  Just kidding.  He's only a fish! ;)  But he is pretty cool!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mother's Day weekend!

I went to Louisville!

I had lots of fun! 
I got to see some of my high school friends!  We had a blast!
I helped my sister with her wedding planning business.  These are the flowers that were centerpieces at the wedding Saturday!  They were also a Mother's Day reward for my "hard work."
I loved being able to see my family!  I loved being able to catch up with dear friends.  I loved celebrating Mother's Day in Louisville.  What a wonderful weekend it was!  But man, oh man, I'm STILL tired!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

BOW Winner IS.......

Amy Clayburn!  HOORAY!  If you e-mail me your address, I will send the bows to you! :)  Thank you for all of your comments (everyone else who, sadly, did not win)!

And just in case anyone is interested (and you totally should be), here are some more bows my sister can make!  But don't forget about the bows from last week's post!  You can order those, too! :)



These bows would be $4.50 for this size...or she can make them smaller (for pig tails) and they would be 2 for $6.00.  Just so you know, these are my ALL-TIME favorites!  She made the red, black, and white one for U of L!  Well, for Lola to wear with her U of L cheerleading uniform!!!  I love it!


Let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing any bows!  My e-mail is yadons@gmail.com.  Maybe there will be more giveaways soon.......:)  Or maybe someone should give something to me!  HA!  But seriously.....

What We Do.....

When we are bored:  we play with the camera.  Lola was not wanting to participate but I kept taking pictures anyway.  It made me chuckle, even if she was throwing a tantrum!  What else can you do when your kid is being a turd?!?

This is a pretty awesome expression, I must say!

Then she got even MORE angry!

Then I tried to show her that taking pictures is cool!

She totally didn't believe me!

Then I made Blake get in on the fun!

Yeah, Lola still wanted out.  So I stopped.

And that's what we do when there's nothing else to do!

Jorge Posada????

Blake's first game of baseball was marvelous!  Well, I'll be honest and say it was kinda boring for the spectators (and probably a lot of the players).  Blake loves playing and watching pretty much every sport around.  When we signed him up for t-ball a couple years ago, things started to change.  It was so slow-paced, he didn't really love it.  GASP!!!

He decided to skip t-ball the following year.  Since I love baseball so very much (go Yankees), I encouraged Blake to play this year.  He is old enough for coach's pitch and he was ready to give it a try!  While it is still incredibly slow compared to what he is used to (soccer and football), he is liking it better.

He played catcher (thus the title of this blog....we might have a Posada on our hands) the first two innings.  Then he played the outfield (YAWN) the second two innings.  Yeah, four innings is more than enough when they're this age.  Am I right?

Anyway, here are a few photos from the day:

At bat!

Things We Do!

Here are some things the kidlets do when we go visit my mom and dad!  We always have a great time playing outside at their house!

Lola plays in rocks.....yeah, fun!

Blake shoots some hoops with Papa "Tucky!

Lola crawls in the grass!
Blake takes Lola for a spin in the jeep!
Blake goes down the slide!
Lola prepares to drive!