Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Pictures!

There are A TON of pictures from my phone so I have to include them.  Even if they show up very small because I don't know how to make them bigger!  SORRY!  Get out your magnifying glass!

I'm starting with Blake and 3v3 over the summer! Then there is one random photo from the Crew game.  Followed by a picture from football and one of me and my friend, Susan!  Then more first day of school pics and the back to school dinner.  After that, there are pics from soccer and pics from Blake's birthday party!  Then there are some pics of my NKU get together followed by pics from my color run and my birthday dinner!  Then there are Blake's birthday pictures and  my Indy half marathon.  Then a random picture of me and Lola!  Next up is Halloween, Blake's Soctoberfest tournament (they took second place), the Ultramarathon picture, and the tiniest stop sign I've ever seen!  Enjoy!

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The Clayburn Family said...

Cute pictures! I especially like the one with Blake and his halloween loot!!