Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Perhaps when doing a "catch up" post, I should read what I wrote many moons ago.  Because basically everything I wrote yesterday was written in the post way back in July.  Oops.  Will I delete that?  HECK no.  It took time to write it so it's staying in my blog book.  Besides it will remind me of my idiocy!  GEEZ.

So now I will catch you up from the start of school!

1.  Blake had a soccer tournament over Labor Day.  We traveled to Ohio and lost pretty big.  Blah.  Good story.

2.  Blake was selected for the football all star team but couldn't join because of soccer.  His football team didn't do all that great.  But it was nice to be chosen based on his skill as quarterback and kicker!

3.  I ran a half marathon!  WOO HOO!  I actually ran almost the whole way!  It was super hilly....which I wasn't prepared for.  So given that, I think I did ok!

4.  I also ran a color run.  It was a blast!  I recommend it to anyone looking for a FUN 5k.  It was the easiest run I've ever done (I rhymed).

5.  While I'm on the subject of running....I just got back from doing a 30 mile ultramarathon relay with some friends!  We had tons of fun.  Even though I ran my first five miles in 31 degree, RAINY weather.  Ugh.  I'll let you know if I caught pneumonia!

6.  I started watching the cutest baby, Ava, a couple months ago!  She's so sweet and we love spending our days with her!  Lola adores her so that makes me happy! :)

7.  Blake is in the art club.  He's also on the math bowl team for school.  So yeah.  He keeps me busy running him all over the place!  I wouldn't have it any other way!

8.  Blake turned TEN on October 9th.  I can't believe he's in double digits!  We celebrated with a party at Sky Zone (an indoor trampoline place).  He had a blast!

I think that's about it!  We have some photos of pumpkin carving.  I tasked that out to Billy because I don't do goo and cutting into things.  They turned out well because we used GO CARDS (as Lola calls it)templates.  Trick or treating was also fun.  Lola dressed up as a cheetah.  At the last minute, Blake decided to be Drew Brees.  We had fun with our soccer friends!  The kids froze but got lots of candy.  So I'm pretty sure that makes it okay! :)

Ok....NOW I think I'm caught up.  We are ready for Thanksgiving!  So I will post this and then post some photos!  YAY!  Sorry I'm a space cadet and keep repeating info!  I blame it on....well, nothing.  My brain just doesn't work!

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Jess said...

Blake has my awesome sombrero and didn't even use it?! Proud of your running accomplishments! Tell Blake I'm proud to call him my nephew :)