Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Wow, I have like a MEGA ton of catching up to do!  You all know how much I LOVE my blog book at the end of the year.  Well there is a slight (HUGE) gap in our timeline.  So I'm making it a goal to catch this baby up!  Hope you don't mind reading about past events and looking at old photos.  If so, you may just want to wait until this blog is current (will that EVER really happen????....maybe next year)! ;)

Okay so I left off with Blake's soccer tournament over Memorial Day (basically a million years ago. SHOOT!!!). I will quickly fill you in on the rest of our summer.  That was so long ago that nothing really seems important anymore!  HA HA....but seriously.....

1.  Blake attended a soccer camp at U of L.  He LOVED it and is getting ready to register for this summer.  It was a blast being able to work with the best college soccer coach on the planet Earth, Ken Lolla.  I will post pictures in another blog.  For now, this is just the wordy (BORING) part of catching up!  SORRY!

2.  Blake attended a sport sampler camp with a couple of friends here in Noblesville.  At night, he attended a soccer camp at the high school.  He had a great time at each.  We were also involved in 3v3 soccer tourneys again.  Blake's team did really well until Regionals in Cincy....where they lost.  Again.  (More on that later....or not).  All you really need to know is at the end of the summer, we went to Cincy and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast with our entire team.  We didn't do well AT ALL in the soccer tourney.  But the boys had fun hanging out at the B&B...especially because it was on a farm and we were able to chill with all the animals! 

3.  We were able to go to Chicago for a Fire MLS game.  Former U of L player, Austin Berry is on the Fire so Blake was super excited to go!  We were bummed because nobody signed autographs.  But because Austin Berry is the coolest person around, he had us mail Blake's Berry jersey to him.  He autographed it with a little message and sent it back.  Yes, he is THAT cool.  And in other news, Berry is up for MLS rookie of the year!  WAHOO!!!!!!

4.  Blake attended British soccer camp (another annual tradition) in Shelbyville, KY.  He had a guy from Whales and a guy from Scotland as his coaches.  I loved the accents...as I always do.  They were both very impressed with Blake and had nothing but kind things to say about him!

5.  Blake had another soccer camp (GASP).  Yeah, we basically kept ourselves busy by shuffling Blake from one soccer thing to the next!  Then we were able to go to Columbus to see the Crew play DC United.  United has a former U of L player, Nick DeLeon.  So Blake was pumped to see him.  He got his autograph...along with many others!  It was a great weekend!  Nick is also up for MLS rookie of the year.  I guess that shows you how awesome U of L soccer is!

6.  Blake had another soccer camp.  Yeah.  It was the last one.  It was all about shooting and finishing.  So he loved it!  Then football started.  And school started.  And we had to stay home.  We were basically all over the place for the whole summer!  We also spent a lot of time in Louisville so we could see Billy at my parent's house! :)

So that was our summer.  I will end there.  I will put pictures up in the next post.  Then I will continue this catch up nightmare (I mean dream....ahem) tomorrow!  I have missed catching up on everyone's blogs.  So I will probably be stalking a little bit (a lot).  I hope I didn't lose my readers because I truly love you all.  Like for reals.  Oh and get out there and vote today.  Do it.  Because you can!

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Impressive about getting the jersey signed!!